Our Mission, Vision, &  Values:

What Starlight can do for YOU?

We can be your Medicaid Home & Community Based Services, HCBS, and Waiver Provider.

We provide HPC Services, Remote Monitoring, Community Respite, Transportation, Day Supports, Vocational Services, and Career Planning.

We provide and facilitate opportunities in Living and Learning, Community Involvement, Self Advocacy, Personal Interest, Making Friends, & Cultural Growth.

We partner with local businesses and other non-profit organizations in the community to provide Employment Training Internship and Basic Employment Skills Training Work Sites, Volunteering and Work opportunities of YOUR personal choice.

We provide Individual and Group Employment Transition Services.

We provide Transition Services through our Learning & Development Skills Curriculum in our Discover U Program.

We provide PRE-ETS Services through our Employment Department that includes Career Planning, Job Exploration Counseling, Work-Based Learning , Counseling on Post-Secondary Opportunities, Work Readiness Training, and  Instruction on Self-Advocacy for you to explore.

We provide opportunities to make and sell products in our community marketplaces and at the Starlight Art and Gift Shop at New Towne Mall to develop artistic skills, utilize customer service, sales, inventory, computer and office skills.

We provide product development through research and market demands in the areas of Creative Arts and Industrial Arts.

We provide opportunities to learn and utilize technology for personal and vocational growth.


Starlight Contact Information:

400 East High Ave. P.O. Box 1054     New Philadelphia, Ohio   44663

246 East High Ave.                             New Philadelphia, Ohio  44663

705-A Canton Rd NW                         Carrollton, Ohio  44615

713  Canton Rd NW                            Carrollton, Ohio 44615                   


Contact Numbers:

Office: 330-339-2020
Fax: 330-308-5505
Cell: 330-663-1527

Business Hours:

Available 9:00 am – 4:00 pm






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Living and Learning: Enriching your life 

Providing supports and skills development that lead to greater independence, community memberships, learning, vocation, self-direction, and self-advocacy opportunities



Personal Interests and Achieving Goals/Dreams



COMMUNITY Project Partnerships, Resources and Volunteering Opportunities

Providing Community Integrated Employment

Employment opportunities that are well matched to your interests, strengths, and abilities to provide job sustainability.

Individual skills, desires and choice are represented in employment placement.


Competitive Integrated Employment Development

Competitive Integrated Employment Supports



Soft Skills Development

Career Planning Services

Starlight's Artwork & Gifts can be purchased at the following Locations: 


 Tuscarawas County Office Building- 125 East High New Philadelphia, OH

Starlight Art & Gift Store- New Towne Mall- New Philadelphia, OH

Starlight Art & Gifts- 713 Canton Rd NW Carrollton, OH

Alley Cats Marketplace- New Philadelphia, OH

Cleveland Clinic-Union Hospital-Dover, OH



 Store Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00 a.m. to 2 p.m.

PHONE: 330-339-2020

ART with a CAUSE

Starlight Art & Gifts are Available to Purchase at 5 Community Locations


At the Starlight Art & Gift Store located at New Towne Mall in New Philadelphia: Creative Art and Industrialized Art products are made by Starlight artists. Individuals  with intellectual and developmental disabilities are given the opportunity to develop their creative and artistic abilities including skills and talents to create fine works of art: paintings, drawings, industrial art sculptures and so much more. Other creative art opportunities include soap-making, sewing, and woodwork design. The Art & Gift Store provides job training skills in customer service, sales experience, computer/iPad entry, and inventory skills. Paid training positions are available at the store.

Starlight Art & Gift Store

Creative minds excel in the field of imagination.



Discover U

We provide Transition Services through our Learning & Development Skills curriculum in our Discover U Program. Discover U mentors YOU through your transition from school to adulthood to achieve vocational & personal goals.

Learning...Technology...Teamwork...Personal Growth... Transitioning...Work-Experience..Vocation /Soft Skills, & More

Classroom and

Soft Skills Learning 

Soft Skills Development


We provide PRE-ETS Services through our Employment Department. These services can occur at your school, in the community, at one of Starlight's sites, or via Zoom. PRE-ETS Services are flexible and can be given one at a time depending on schedules. Services are available one on one or in a  small group.

Job Exploration

                                 Work Readiness Training

Starlight Contact Information:

400 East High Ave. PO Box 1054
New Philadelphia,
Ohio 44663



Contact Numbers:

Office: 330-339-2020
Fax: 330-308-5505
Cell: 330-663-1527


Available 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

 Donation Information: 

All Financial Donations will benefit the programming, services, and operations at Starlight Enterprises, Inc. for individuals with disabilities. Starlight Enterprises, Inc., also known as Starlight Workshop & SEI, has a strong heritage of past and present in commitment and integrity for providing support and opportunities to persons with disabilities.

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